Cruis'n USA

Extra Cars

To get extra cars while on the car select screen press and hold CU, CL, and CD. You will now have a Jeep(A.K.A. All Terrain Vehicle), Bus(A.K.A. Autobus), and a Police Car.

Bonus Tracks

To access the three bonus tracks, go to the Track Selection screen and press the following buttons:

Golden Gate Park: CL,CD, and L.

Indiana: CU, CR, and L.

San Francisco: Cr, Cd, and L.

Flashing Lights and Siren

Choose any race, select the police car or bus, and get a hot or record time. Enter your intials, then go down to the bottom of the hot/record time list and hold left until a head rolls by and says I love this job. The when racing with the bus or police car press brake, brake, and hold go. When you release go the lights and/or sirens will stop.

Nitro Boost

Do this code the same way as above only with any car and press brake, brake, brake, go, brake, and hold go. You only get one Nitro Boost per check point.