F-Zero X
All Cars, Tracks and Difficulties

At the Mode Select screen, press L, Z, R,C-UP, C-DOWN, C-LEFT, C-RIGHT, START. You should hear a chime if you did it correcly.

Change Car Colors
To change your car's colors, simply press the R-Button during the car customization screen. Note that there are only a few select colors for each vehicle.

Joker Cup

To get the Joker Cup and six additional tracks beat the Jack, Queen, and King Cup on Standard difficulty.

Rotate Cars on Customization Screen

Want to see your car from different angles? At the customization screen press the C-Buttons to rotate the car in all directions.  

Smaller Cars

At the car select screen press and hold the (L) and (R) buttons. While holding those buttons press C-LEFT and C-DOWN to shrink the cars.