Mario Kart 64

Course Ghosts

Race the Time Trials and pick Luigi, Mario, or Royal Raceway. Then beat the following times:

Luigi Raceway: 1'52"00

Mario Raceway: 1'30"00

Royal Raceway: 2'40"00

After running the race select retry. Whean you beat the times above, it will say "Now Meet The Course Ghost" at the bottom of the screen. You now can race against Luigi's, Mario's, or Peach's ghost. The ghosts are automatically saved to the control pack.

Note: You need the memory cartige for this one.

Backwards Tracks

Get all of the gold cups on 150cc and you will gt a new option under 150cc, called extra. This is the tracks backwards. The title screen will also be different.

Shortcuts & Other Stuff
Luigi Raceway

On the second lap,a hot airballon appears just after the first set of item boxes. Inside the item box hanging from the ballon is a Spiny Shell. To get it, yuo need to reach the ballon at its lowest point and hop into the item box. Make sure you don't already have anitem in your kart's inventory.

Koopa Troopa Beach

1st Shortcut

After the first ramp,you cancut to the right around the rocks and reach a small sandbar that will take a few seconds off your lap time.

2nd Shortcut

However, if you have a Turbo Mushroom or a Super Star, head left toward the cave. Align yourself directly in the middle of the ramp in front of the cave, aiming slightly to the left and press Turbo to jump through the mountain and ahead of the pack. If you don't have a Turbo powerup, align yourself with the cave, aim a little to the right and then jump.

Choco Mountain

Risky Shortcut

After going over the first hill, you'll see a stone wall. Immediately start a power slide and when you reach the end of the wall, jump into it. If done correctly, you'll jump over the rail and land on the road above.

Wario Stadium

1st Shortcut(2 parts)

Part 1:Get a turbo start and pull your kart toward the left wall. As you hit the first bump in the road, hop toward the wall and over to the track on the other side.

Part 2:Now begin powersliding to the left and aim for the wall just right of the start/finish line on the opposite side. Hop just before you hit the wall. If you hit the right spot, you'll bounce right over the wall.

2nd Shortcut

After the first big hill, immediately start a powerslide and head toward the wall with the red arrows. Jump into the wall and over it. You will be at the final stretch to the finish line.

D.K.'s Jungle Parkway

1st Shortcut

Instead of taking the long way to the ramp, take a quick turn to the right, right before going under the ramp, and jump over the railing.

2nd Shortcut

At the start of the race, turn around and go into the cave. Then get some speed and head toward the place where the corner of the cave and the ceiling meet. When you reach this place, jump. If you do it correctly you'll pass through the wall. When you are placed back on the track, simply cross the finish line.

Rainbow Road

When you start the race there is a big drop in front of you. Get some speed and left adn just before the drop jump over the railing. If done correctly you'll land on another road below, giving you a HUGE lead.