Bottles Bonus Cheats

To activate the following cheats go to Banjo's house and stand at the end of the rug. Then press CU and look at the Bottles picture. He should start talking to you. He will give you directions so pay attention. Complete the puzzle to get the cheat. Once you get the cheat enter it at Treasure Trove Cove.

Cheat Affect
Puzzle 1 BOTTLESBONUSONE Banjo gets a big head
Puzzle 2 BOTTLESBONUSTWO Bango gets big feet and hands
Puzzle 3 BOTTLESBONUSTHREE Kazooie gets a big head and wings
Puzzle 4 BOTTLESBONUSFOUR Banjo gets a skinny body and a small head
Puzzle 5 BOTTLESBONUSFIVE Banjo gets the above plus big hands and feet
Puzzle 6 BIGBOTTLESBONUS Banjo gets a big head, hands, and feet. Kazooie gets a big head and wings
Puzzle 7 WISHYWASHYBANJO Banjo becomes a washing machine
 Note: to turn off a cheat enter NOBONUS

Note2: As the washing machine yuo have all of Banjo-Kazooie's moves except you can't wear the boots or shoes. Kazooie is invisible. You can walk in the swamps, quicksand, etc.

Rusty Bucket Bay Note

Many people are very puzzled on how to get to Rusty Bucket Bay, well if your one of those people than today is your lucky day. First go to the entrance of Mad Monster Mansion, instead of entering the level go left to where you see a gate. Brake the gate. Then enter the level. Become a pumpkin and exit the level goto where you broke the gate and follow it to another house. Go in there Mumbo Jumbo should be there. There also be a switch. Have Mubo Jumob turn you back into Banjo-Kazooie and do a Beak Buster on the switch. Then go to the where you see all cob-webs and stuff. Follow the path to the right of you to a note door open it. When you enter you should be under water. Swim left until you come to a tunnel with red eyes on it. Go through the tunnel. Then climb on the ship and go left climbing up the crates. To the far left you should see a box with the Rare logo on it. Do a beak buster to reveal another switch. Hit it. now go towards the ship and to the right of it there is a tunnel. Go in it. The you should see a beehive and to the right of it is where you put the peices into the puzzel for Rusty Bucket Bay.

Cheato Cheats

200 Blue Eggs

Break the ice block on the path left of the Freezezy Peak puzzle. The go back to Bubble Gloop Swamp and have Mumbo Jumbo turn you into an Alligator. Then go back to where you broke the ice block and follow the path to Cheato. He will give you the cheat, BLUEEGGS, which you ahve to enter at Treasure Trove Cove. Once you do this you get 200 blue eggs, and that becomes your new limit.

100 Red Feathers

Become the pumpkin at Mad Monster Mansion, then exit the level. You should now be on the lava path with your backside facing the door. Go left and follow the path to Brentilda. Enter the small hole and follow the path to Cheato. He will give you the cheat REDFEATHERS, which you enter at Treasure Trove Grove. Once you do this you will get 100 red feathers, and that becomes your new limit.

20 Gold Feathers

Goto the place near Rusty Bucket Bay that ahs the mine it. Go right to where you see three pipes. Go in the middle one. There will be another swith, this one is timed. Hit it then go through the tunnel with the red eyes on the right there is another tunnel that leads to the final Cheato. I suggest that you find the tunnel before you hit the switch. Cheato will give you the cheat GOLDFEATHERS, which you enter at Reasure Trove Cove. Once you do this you will get 20 gold feathers, and that will be your new limit. Note: to do this cheat you must have done the Rusty Bucket Bay note above.

Warp Cauldron Locations

The warp cauldrons warp Banjo-Kazooie to other locations in Gruntilda's Lair. You ahve to find two cauldrons of the same color to activate the warp. There are three pairs of cauldrons.

PURPLE: The first purple cauldron can be found through a passageway in the area where the Treasure Trove Cove jigsaw puzzle is located. The second cauldron is located in the area prior to Freezeezy Peak, where there is a large witch's head. It can be found tucked in a cave that is hidden behind a spiderweb. Use eggs to destroy the web.

BLUE: The first blue cauldron can be found near the second purple cauldron is located. Go to the top of the spiral walkway, where there is another spiderweb on the ground. Shoot eggs out your rear to destroy the web. The second blue cauldron is located in the area with the entrance to Rusty Bucket Bay. It is near the top of a bunch of stacked boxes.

RED: The first red cauldron is located inside the pipe below the passageway heading to Clanker's Cavern (also the same area where there is a passage to Treasure Trove Cove). The second red cauldron is tucked away in a passage at the bottom of the hill before Click Clock Wood. There are two entryways and they are just barely visible above the grass. Go behind where you enter to where you see a blue light.