Quest 64

Spell Points

Here is a list that shows the amount of spirits you need to acquire certain spells:

Fire Spells
7: Power Staff level 1
16: Fire Ball level 3
19: Compression
32: Vampire's Touch

Earth Spells
7: Spirit Armor level 1
13: Weakness level 1
16: Rock level 3
34: Rock Shower

Water Spells
7: Healing level 1
10: Soul Searcher level 1
15: Ice Wall
35: Walking Water

Wind Spells
6: Restriction level 1
10: Silence level 1
13: Large Cutter
28: Cyclone

Hidden Spirit on Ferry

After you have beaten Nepty and have been transported back to Larapool, make your way back to the ferry that originally brought you there, get on the ferry and ride it three times. On the third trip, stay in the cabin and move up to the crates on the right. A "?" will appear over brian's head, signaling an invisible spirit element!

Full power at hotels

To get full power without using items, go to a hotel and say you will stay the night. Then, when at the saving screen, hit B to escape. You will now have full health.

Avoid Some Attacks

When an enemy casts a ROCK spell on you, start running directly towards them. You will take control of your character while the boulder is still in the air. If you can get close enough to the enemy, fast enough, the stone will pass harmlessly overhead.