Starfox 64 
Expert Mode and Sound Test Graphic Equalizer

To unlock the Expert Mode and the sound test Graphic Equalizer, you must get medals on all 15 levels.

Play on Foot in Vs. Mode

To play on foot in Vs. mode, earn a medal on Venom in Expert mode.

Tanks in Vs. Mode

To get Tanks in Vs. Mode, earn a medal on Venom.

Star Fox Art

Beat the game in Expert Mode and wait for the credits to end. Depending on whether you went through Venom 1 or 2, you will get two different pieces of Star Fox Art.

Move the '64' on the title screen

At the title screen, just use the analog control stick to move the 64 around.

Easy 1ups

At the end of Corneria with the walking a loop through his legs without hitting his body and a 1up will appear.

In Sector Y when your wingmen fly in formation hit the booster and fly with them and a 1up will appear.

Quick Refill

In Sector Z, to refill your energy quickly, fly through the back of Greatfox. You'll see a movie clip for about three seconds and you will re-emerge from the front of Greatfox with full energy.