Shadows of the Empire

Easter Eggs

There are four bonuses in the game that you get when you beat a difficulty level with all challenge points.

Easy: Scanner View-Leebo Scanner

Medium: Fly an X-Wing or TIE Fighter on the last level

Hard: All weapons and become invincible at will

Jedi: All wampas are friendly

Be An Enemy

To be an enemy enter your name as _Wampa__Stompa (just like that because it is case sensative. _= space). Play on medium. The control type should be traditional.

Note: to switch between enemy and who you were press CR


While on Battle of Hoth stage two, press left on the control pad and CR at the same time, then press up on the control pad. Press CR until your an AT-ST. Use the control pad to move and shoot. Shoot is up.

Become A Wampa

Do the same as above, but must be on a stage with a wampa on it. Cycle through the views until your a wampa. The control pad moves the wampa. Down swipes.

Become A Storm or Snow Trooper

Do t he same as above except press right on the control pad instead of left. Be on a stage with a storm/snow trooper on it. Cycle through the views until your are a Snow/Storm Trooper.The controls are the same as the wampa's.

Note: Try using the storm/snow trooper or wampa code on stages without them in it and see what happens.

Debug Mode
(The Ultimate Cheat)

1. Put your name in as _Wampa__Stompa (just like that because it is case sensative. _ = space)

2. Choose medium difficulty (just to be safe) and play any level.

3. Pause the game and put the controls on traditional. Then press and hold All of the C buttons, Z, L, R, and the control pad left. ( I suggest you get some one to help or some rubber bands or something).

4. (If you have no help or rubber bands I suggest using your chin to do this part). While holding down ALL of those buttons Push the Anolog Stick halfway to the left until you here a "donk" sound (If done correctly about 5 sec). Then (still holding the buttons) press the Anolog Stick halfway to the right.

5. Repeat step 4, then still holding down the butons push the Anolog Stick to the left. Pink text should appear at the top of the screen and you will have a new thing in your pause screen menu at the bottom called "Game Secrets" or something like that.

6. Use L or R to move through the options, push down or up on the anolog stick to change an option (if necesary), and push A to select an option.

7. Once you exit the pause screen menu the pink text will disappear. To get it back just hold down all the buttons from step three and push left or right on the Anolog Stick.

Note: Sometimes the system may crash or freeze up. Nothing serious will happen you will just half to restart the game. $#!+ happens.

Be a X-Wing or TIE Fighter

Be on the second part of the last stage and have the game paused, then press and hold All of the C buttons, L, R, and the control pad left, the push up or down on the Anolog Stick. (Works on all difficulty levels.)