Waverace 64

Ride The Dolphins

Play Dolphin Park in stunt mode and go through all of the rings and preform the following tricks:


~Ride Backwards

~Stand&Do flip back on to jet ski.

~Roll Left

~Roll Right

~Do a back flip

~Do a dive

Hint: Find out how to do these moves in warm up mode first.

Then restart the game and go to warm up and hold down on the Anolog Stick while selecting your character.

Ride a Shark
(Not Tested)

Go to the practice mode and don't miss a single ring. When you are done get out to the main menu and do a 360 on the joystick 10 full times. If you are successful you will hear a load laugh. If you want to ride different sharks than listen at the main sceern press a,b,a,a,a,b,b,start.then you can pick what shark you want to ride.

Ride A Submarine
(Not Tested)

In the player selection screen press a,b,a,z,b,r,l,a,a,b,z,l,a,start. This cheat will let you ride a small yellow sub (Twilight City is the best course to use it in).

Easy Points

To got a lot of points easily as soon as you complete a stunt and right as you land in the water, pause the game.